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GenreTagalog Movies, Drama
time1h 35min

About the film

An ordinary taxi ride takes Jun to the amazing world of Ben an unusual indigenous farming practice filled with mystery and magic. The film is a true story of a cab driver named Ben, who takes on passenger Jun for a nostalgic ride. Ben recalls an incident that happened ve years ago when he was sent to his home province Camiguin Island to perform an indigenous farming ritual that was no longer being practiced. His grandfather was supposed to have passed on the knowledge to him before the former died. The ritual is shrouded by skepticism because it is unscientific, but it teaches one great thing: To treat nature and all of life with love, humility and respect. Ben returns to the province to “save” the trees that have stopped bearing fruit. Ben attempts to recall the ritual through blurry images of himself as a seven-year-old boy. As a result, the experience turns Ben’s life from the familiar to the worried and bizarre.

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