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NameIn da Red Corner
GenreTagalog Movies, Drama, Biography
time1h 38min

About the film

Doring is a 24-year old girl who is engaged in a sport that is not common to Filipino women-boxing. This in her desire to alleviate her family from poverty which is slowly devouring them. Her mother Idang is a fish vendor whose hope she leaves on to God. Her brother Aloy is a cynical teenager who is hopeless about the future and just going with the flow of the times. Her youngest sibling Uno is fast growing up discovering the stark realities of life and is slowly losing his innocence. Desperate and tired of living a miserable life and working in a palengke, Doring enters into amateur boxing in the hope of being discovered and go big time in the professional level. This is not just a fight for her dream but a battle of survival for her family.

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