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GenreTagalog Movies, Romance, Drama, R + 18 Pinoy
time1h 40min

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Vanessa (Assunta De Rossi) is a young woman whose dire domestic circumstances with her autistic teenaged sister, Nika (Alessandra De Rossi), begin to get more desperate when she gets laid off from a casual department store attendant job.Caught up as well in a tempestuous relationship with Oliver (Wendell Ramos), her reckless cab driver boyfriend who moonlights as a petty crook, her fortunes take on further bad turns as the guy lands in jail for a botched cab hold-up attempt on a plainclothes cop.Luck eventually runs out on Vanessa when the hovel she shares with Nika gets its roof blown off by a storm that renders them homeless. Enter Uno (Jay Manalo), a ruthless henchman neighbor working for a union-busting boss, and who welcomes Vanessa and Nika to his home. In her willingness to repay Uno's "kindness", she later yields to his advances to become his convenient plaything and laundrywoman.When Oliver pops up on the scene anew quite unexpectedly, after surviving a failed salvage attempt on him by crooked cops, and renew ties with Vanessa, the romance picks up where it left off. Much to the chagrin of Uno. There begins a perilous triangle of sex on the sly, deceit and betrayal that pretty soon configure a vertiginous whirl of grim consequences. The portents of doom get laid. Circling pirouttes round a deadly matrix of extreme agony and ecstasy.

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