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NameLast Night
GenreTagalog Movies, Romance, Drama, Filipino Movies Most Watch
time1h 44min

About the film

Mark (Piolo Pascual) and Carmina (Toni Gonzaga) find each other in a hopeless time in both their lives. He’s a businessman who lost the will to live while she’s a wide eyed young girl who gave up on life. Mark is about to jump off the Jones Bridge when Carmina calls him for help. Her blouse got stuck on her way down the river to, also, end her life. Mark helps her and they end up helping each other think of other creative ways to die. As they spend time together and in every failed attempt of leaving this world, both Mark and Carmina fall in love for each other but they can’t seem to turn away from their initial goals. Will they hold each other’s hand until their last dying breath or will love restore their faith in life?_x_Polus1 undefined_x_Polus4 undefined_x_Polus5 undefined_x_Polus6 undefined_x_Polus7 undefined_x_Polus8 undefined_x_Polus9 undefined

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