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NameAng Tanging Ina Mo Last Na'To (Restored)
GenreTagalog Movies, Drama, Filipino Movies Most Watch, Digitally Remastered, Comedy

About the film

What could be the next big thing for a very memorable and motherly former president? Ina Montecillo (Ai-Ai delas Alas) chooses to go back to simple living with her children even if she is already a worldwide celebrity. Ina starts to feel that she is now being forgotten; but she does not mind. She has carried on with her life. After one accident in the wedding of the current president, Ina has been diagnosed with a terminal illness – she only has barely 6-8 months to live! In denial that she is dying, Ina does her very best to fight her illness even if it means meeting and entertaining three men who are dead-ringers of her deceased husbands. However, upon learning in second opinion that there is no hope in her illness, she decides to involve herself to the lives of Rowena (Eugene Domingo) and her children. As she makes efforts for everyone to be okay with their respective lives, she gradually learns their respective problems which are growing more serious and complicated – all the more that she becomes not ready and prepared to die. While her body system is waning, Ina still spreads herself to make sure her children are okay in spite of respective problems and to attending to Rowena who is pregnant and left alone by her husband. She would eventually learn that the best way for her to help them is to face the reality that she is dying. _x_Polus1 undefined_x_Polus4 undefined_x_Polus5 undefined_x_Polus6 undefined_x_Polus7 undefined_x_Polus8 undefined_x_Polus9 undefined

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