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NamePRE*SO BL Series | Season 2
GenreCignal Tv Series

About the film

The writing, acting, music, cinematography, and directing in this series are bar none some of the best that I have ever seen! I have been series edging, finding things to enjoy in other dramas here and there whilst holding off from watching what I really wanted, but this is it for me and none have measured up. It opened up with a bang! (That was an unintentional play on words...for real) There is good character development that makes sense and fits the stage of growth the character is in/their emotional state, as opposed to simply adding scenes to make "drama." And by-the-by, why can't we all have a friend like Seph. My friends always put me in the position of living a bad "I Love Lucy" episode. Though that look implied a lot! That dining room scene had me in my feelings so much I tried it. I tried to feed my partner and he looked at me skeptically and asked what was wrong with it! Look at you guys, inspiring fans to go out and fly! Can't wait to see where this season takes us! Poor, broken SO.


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