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This is the story of Mitch (Roxanne Barcelo) who recently broke up with her boyfriend Jacob (Joross Gamboa) after finding out that he is having an affair. Her past relationships paints the same picture, men always cheated on her. Fed up and traumatized by these circumstances and encouraged by her more liberal friends, Mitch embarks on a journey towards being “”fluid”” in terms of love, sex and relationship.

  Episode 1 - Mitch

After many failed relationships with men, Mitch tries to meet lesbians through Les Go App. But it didn’t work out the way her friends told her. So her friend Portia throws a Waikiki Party, where she meets George, a lesbian lipstick. After the party Mitch receives a message from George and invites her for a coffee. She didn’t know what to say, so she asked her friends for advise but her friends told her that no matter what they say, Mitch has to decide for herself. Will Mitch agree to see George or not? Is George going to be able to awaken Mitch and try her luck having a relationship with a woman?

 Episode 2 - George

On the first date of Mitch and George, the latter takes the former to a coffee shop in Batangas. In their “second date”, George brought Mitch home and gave her an experience she will never forget. Unknown to Mitch, her ex-boyfriend Jacob returns. What is Jacob’s plan for his return?

 Episode 3 - Jacob

Mitch invited George on Eric’s birthday and introduced George to her family as her “friend”. Mitch’s family welcomed George. But Mildred seems to know that there is something going on between the two. Everything seems to be fine between Mitch and George until Jacob returns. Furious and hurt, Mitch cannot find in her heart to forgive Jacob for cheating on her. But Jacob is willing to do everything to restore Mitch’s trust and love for him. In her pastry shop opening, the two people fighting for Mitch’s love meet for the first time. Mitch is in confusion. Who will she choose, Jacob or George?

 Episode 4 - George or Jacob

It was Jacob and George’s turn to show their love for Mitch. But Mitch couldn’t decide between them. She loves George, but her love for Jacob is still in her heart. To help her make a decision, Mitch talked to both George and Jacob. After some time, Mitch already decided who between George and Jacob will become the winner of her heart.


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