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NameAmpalaya Chronicles Adik
GenreTagalog Movies, Romance, Comedy
time1h 42m

About the film

Carlo Matibay (Khalil Ramos) is your typical teenager from the province. He is awkward and shy in school. He likes being alone that is why he always in the rice fields near his home–this is his comfort zone. He is not expressive when it comes to girls but he is uber-confident to his pet cows and his best buddy Top. His only weapon of choice is his words of poetry but unfortunately, this gift is unheard of. Carlo was so smitten to Nina (Elisse Joson), the campus cute girl. Everything about her was all part of his fantasies. But he did not have the guts to make a move so he just resorted to stalking her. He gave her gifts with beautiful poems on sticky notes anonymously. But things would change when he was set to meet Nina. Of all the boys who court Nina, it was Carlo who she chose to ask for help for her beauty pageant. They became friends but this was where he started falling deep for her, he found out that there is more to her than being a cute campus girl. She is a true beauty queen! When they started to be close to each other, Carlo began to gain confidence but soon the realities of their relationship would come out–their love story is beautiful in poems, maybe only in poems.


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