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NameShake Rattle and roll 14 The Invation
GenreTagalog Movies, Mystery, Action, Zombies, Comedy, Horror

About the film

Critically acclaimed director Chito S. Roño embarks on creating the three episodes titled: Pamana, Lost Command and Unwanted. Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board, Chito S. Roño elevates the Shake, Rattle & Roll series to a level that is sane and sentient. Each episode has an enticing story and well-executed script. Pamana tells the story of four cousins who receive news of an inheritance from a deceased uncle, who happens to be a famous horror writer for comic books. Amidst the group's bickering, the comics writer's creations come to life to test them. Lost Command is about a battalion of soldiers exploring an unknown forest and fights off a zombie plague. Unwanted tells the story of the couple Hank and Kate, who are trapped in a mall after it collapses due to mysterious causes. Along the way, they meet several other survivors who help them solve the mystery.

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