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NamePoltergeist ( 2015 )
GenreNew Releases, Horror
time1:00 33 minutes

About the film

After cutting a large corporation, Eric Bowen forced to find a new job and a new home for the family, since, due to temporary financial difficulties, the family must cut costs. Together with his wife, Amy, and their three children, Eric moved to a new, more modest and cheaper house, which cost at a very good price. While Eric will work, Amy can finally start writing his new book. New home, new life, new plans for the future. The family is engaged in furnishing. Eric is looking for a job, Amy is engaged in farming and the care of children, the eldest teenage daughter Kendra constantly cranky, contrary younger Madison loves new home and only son Griffin frightening new lodger, because he only notices that the house lives a poltergeist. While the boy is trying to convey to the parents their concerns, little Madison comes into contact with a new friend from another world ...


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